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Become a Part of Our Condo Association

At Paradise Pointe, residents have every opportunity to live in luxury, and our condo association is a big part of making that everyday luxury possible. Our team is dedicated to making this waterfront community a relaxing, comfortable place where you can spend your days enjoying the remarkable Punta Gorda weather. We welcome our community members to have a voice in decision making through involvement in our condo association. Learn more about what membership means for you.

aerial view of Paradise Pointe

What Is a Condo Association?

Most of us have heard of a homeowners association, but what about a condo association? Joining a condo organization is much like becoming part of a club, and members receive numerous benefits from their involvement. Condo associations have lots of responsibilities, but in general, this is the organization that decides the rules and regulations implemented in the community. These organizations might also maintain common spaces, such as lobbies, hallways, swimming pools, and parking lots.

Privileges of Membership

While membership to a condo association typically requires an additional fee, members receive an array of benefits as a result. For one, members have a first-hand knowledge of any rules and regulations. They have the benefit of being an active community member with voting rights. Other privileges of condo association membership may include:

  • Right to vote for a board of directors
  • A say in hiring a property manager
  • Permission to give input on new projects
  • Establishing accounts for storm damage, accidents, or other unexpected expenses

Be an Active Member of the Community

Are you excited to become an active part of your community? Our condo association is waiting for you. You’ll take pride in having an essential role within our Punta Gorda, FL neighborhood. You deserve a say in maintaining your community, and our management team is ready to hear your input. Reach out to our staff to learn more about what condo association membership entails.

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